March 2017 podcast


It’s the Strange Wolves podcast #InternationWomensMonth special!

Vinny Connolly, Marcus Fields, John Burke and Tom Hogan get in touch with their feminine sides, reviewing martial arts ‘classic’ China O’Brien.
Well, three of them watched it, while John skipped it assuming it was a joke.
Make sure to tune in for the next episode, where the guys will review “The greatest movie ever”, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.

Hogan’s top 5 is unusually coherent this month, with Tom presenting his top 5 innovations in MMA.
I mean sure, some of them have been in MMA since the start, but at least he tried.

Vinny combines his love of French poetry and name-dropping, comparing MMA fighter Moise Rimbon to poet Arthur Rimbaud.
He even somehow also manages to mention that he listens to Italian rap.

John loses the rag with Khabib ‘The Eagle’ Nurmagomedov, who chose tiramisu over making weight.

Novice MMA in Ireland comes under the spotlight. What can be done to make it safer and more consistent?

In a slightly unusual twist, the topic of romance in the gym is debated. Is it always a bad idea?
Yeah, probably.
Vinny relays a tale of seduction from his past.

Which members of the podcast think you could beat Floyd Mayweather in an MMA match, and how would they do it?

In some actual MMA discussion, there’s a preview of UFC Fight Night London, including Gunner Nelson vs Alain Jouban and ‘Irish’ Joe Duffy vs Reza Medadi.
Brad Pickett bows out with his final fight on the same event.

UFC 210 also get the preview treatment, with Johnson vs Cormier the main event.

Vinny gives us, which I’m sure we call all agree is, a note-perfect Rickson Gracie impersonation.

If you prefer to watch rather than listen, the video is here:
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January 2017 Podcast

The Strange Wolves podcast now has video!

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Vinny, Tom and Marcus make their video debuts, but if you can’t be bothered with that, here’s the audio.

As ever, explicit content warnings apply. If you’re under 18, piss off.

‘Hogan’s top 5’ is about athletes from other sports crossing over to MMA, including such luminaries as Bob Sapp and Butterbean.

There’s a review of Bellator 170, which Tito Ortiz vs Chael Sonnen the, um, standout.

Tim Kennedy announced his retirement recently, and the guys pay tribute to him in their own unique way.

With Michael Bisping injured, the current state of the middleweight division is analysed, including a preview of Derek Brunson vs Anderson Silva.

After Vinny’s explosive Joe Dolan revelations last month, his latest celebrity namedrop concerns BJ Penn.

This month’s film review is Bruce Lee classic ‘Enter The Dragon’.
Where will it score on the Bloodsport scale?

Criminality amongst MMA fighters comes up for discussion, with Lee Murray’s infamous bank robbery topping the bill.
Mayhem Miller and Joe Son get some dishonourable mentions too.

A short ‘Coaches corner’ poses a question about the rules of submission wrestling.

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Podcast Christmas Special 2016

It’s the Strange Wolves podcast Christmas special!

As always, if you are under 18, go away. If you don’t, Santa won’t come next year.

In this festive outing, Vinny, Tom, Marcus and John are joined by um, the guy who uploads the podcasts, Barry Commins.

‘Hogan’s Top 3′ is a Joycean stream of nonsense. Something to do with commentators’ shortcomings? Who knows?

The movie review this month is another JCVD film, The Quest.

In a major news scoop, Vinny reveals that Kabib’s dad told him that Conor McGregor will fight Tyrone Woodley next.

The two recent shows, UFC 206 and Fight Night 22 are up for review, with podcast favourite Paige Van Zant suffering a defeat to Michelle ‘The Karate Hottie’ Watterson.
Max ‘Blessed’ Holloway vs Anthony Pettis lost some of its lustre due to ‘Showtime’ failing to make weight.
Donald Cerrone vs Matt Brown gets general approval.
John’s personal beef with Nage Shortcutt means he was happy to see him finished by Mickey Gall.

The UFC’s end of year show, UFC 207, is fast approaching and gets the full preview treatment here.
Will Ronda Rousey return as her old dominant self, or will her big knockout and long absence allow Nunez to blow through her?
Dominant champion Dominick Cruz fights Cody Garbrandt in the co-main event.
Will ‘No Love’ have the tools to dethrone the champ?

American Kickboxing Academy derails another show, and John questions their training techniques.
Are the full armour sparring rounds really necessary?

In the early 2017 preview, the question is posed again: Does anyone care about Tito Ortiz vs Chael Sonnen?
Also, BJ Penn’s continuing existence matter?

Jon Jones Watch returns with a new jingle, which triggers an extended discussion on the wide variety of types of metal music (again!).
As for Jones, are his brags really an admission of a medical problem?
More importantly, what sort of music does he like?

Marcus entertains with an MMA themed rendition of ‘The 12 days of Christmas’.

Signing off, the guys give their MMA predictions for 2017, and Vinny shares an intimate story about Joe Dolan.

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November Podcast

In the November edition of the Strange Wolves podcast, Vinny, Marcus, John and Tom tackle the biggest issues of the day in MMA.

Under 18s, go away, go away now. Your delicate minds will be corrupted immediately.

Kicking off with ‘Hogan’s Top Five’, Tom pays tribute to Yoel ‘Soldier of God’ Romero and his ridiculous antics.

In an increasingly common segment, Vinny teaches the lessons of history, equating the struggles of Spartacus to the fledgling MMA Fighters Union.
Lets hope GSP doesn’t end up crucified on the Appian Way.

The conundrum of Frankie Edgar comes up. Too good to be gatekeeper, not good enough for the belt. What’s left for him?

UFC 206 gets broken down in detail, with standouts like Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson vs Tyrone Woodley, Yoel Romero vs Chris Weidmann and Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez taking the spotlight.

Many questions remain from that show. Will Thompson get an immediate rematch against Woodley?
Is there anyone in the lightweight division who can beat McGregor?
How about welterweight? Anyone there?
Can he be stopped in any sport, or is he all-powerful now?
Will he weep when he sees the breadth of his domain, for there are no more worlds of conquer?

Rizin brings back the Pride-style freakshow match with Gabi ‘111 kg’ Garcia fighting someone half her size.

The guys trying to restart their beef with Team Alpha Male.
Now that Urijah Faber has retired, surely he’s got nothing better to do than have an online feud with a small MMA podcast from the West of Ireland?

Does anyone care about Tito ‘TRT’ Ortiz vs Chael Sonnen? Probably not, but it’s talked about anyway.

This month’s ‘classic’ movie under review is ‘American Ninja’.
Former podcast regular Chris Flynn writes an emotional letter from Paris to add his opinion.
How many Bloodsports out of five will it score?


Hallowe’en Special podcast


As ever, if you’re under 18, go away.

It’s the Strange Wolves Podcast Hallowe’en special!

Race, religion, politics, gender, Van Damme movies, it’s all fair game here.

Vinny, John, Marcus and Tom tackle this month’s big issues in MMA, as well as a wide variety of other nonsense.

Tom Hogan’s top 3 is something to do with grapplers who can’t strike. And yet he doesn’t mention Demian Maia. Ball dropped there, Tom.

As is now customary, Marcus takes some cheap digs at Michael Bisping and his alleged vision problems.

There’s a preview of WCFC6 ( and what effects it might have on the Galway MMA scene.

Who wins between Krav Maga and Capoeira, and more importantly, who cares?

Delving into the world of politics, the podcast crew discuss childrens MMA in Chechnya, and the reprecussions of Fedor’s objections to it.

The pending return of ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey is enough to excite Marcus, who’s happy to have her back in his life.

Predictions are made for the utterly stacked UFC 205 card.

Conor McGregor’s fine for throwing cans of Monster, and the nature of McGregor fandom is analysed.
Will he beat Alvarez? The boys give their opinions, despite the advice of the lawyers.

Tyrone ‘T. Wood’ Woodley vs Stephen ‘Yer Man’ Thompson splits the panel, as does Chris Weidmann vs Yoel Romero.

John risks his personal safety by criticising Tim ‘American War Machine’ Kennedy.

In a very recent tradition, the lads review another martial arts movie from yesteryear, Best of the Best.
Here’s the poster quote: “It sucked badly”.

In an unusual segue, John displays his impressive knowledge of Scandinavian Black Metal and Satan worshipping.

When things eventually turn back to MMA, the ‘Coaches Corner’ topic is Ground ‘n’ Pound, and the evolution of that aspect of the game.
Fascinating stuff, as always.


September Podcast


Tom’s back!
September’s episode of the Strange Wolves podcast sees the return of Travellin’ Tom Hogan after a long absence.

Marcus Field’s musical intro neatly sums up the entire show, so really there’s no need to listen past the first 5 minutes.

Tom steps into Chris’ shoes and takes over the Top 5. Hogan’s inaugural top 5 concerns moves that should be legal in the UFC.
Headbutts, sure, but grabbing the cage is bullshit, Tom!
Vinny recalls an epic fight from the early years of Irish MMA, between Rodney Moore and Emmet McNally, despite not being able to remember either man’s name.

The big show this month has UFC 203, so naturally it forms the basis for lots of discussion.
CM Punk’s inauspicious debut (and probably last fight) get the abuse it deserves, with the boys not mincing their words about his lack of fighting ability.
“Wank of the highest order” and “A disgrace” according to John Burke.
Mickey Gall earns some new fans though, the potty mouth.

Fabricio Werdum vs Travis Browne (and his coach) gets some better reviews. Don’t every change Fabricio, you utter lunatic.

Stipe Miocic holds on to the title, and Marcus honours him with a spot on impersonation. Spooky.
Vinny has some harsh truths for Allistar Overeem and his team of ‘apple polishers’.

Jon Jones gets his obligatory mention, with Marcus calling him “a slippery gypsy”.
Jon’s looking for a shot at the heavyweight title, despite not having earned it.

In a first for the podcast, the classic Jean Claude Van Damme movie ‘Bloodsport’ is reviewed, a mere 28 years too late.

John and Vinny recall a recent amateur MMA competition in Cork, with two thumbs up from the boys.
They have some advise for some advice for the young competitors out there.
There’s no shame in tapping folks.

One Year Anniversary Podcast


Where has the time gone? It’s been one year since the Strange Wolves entered the podcast studio for the first time, raw and naive, before the fires of podcasting forged them into the steely veterans they have now become.

In this one year anniversary special, Vinny Connolly, Marcus Fields, #ChrisFlynn and regular contributor John ‘The Baptist’ Burke tackle the latest news from the world of MMA.

The UFC XBox game is still up for grabs over at . Get on it.

In Chris’ last top five until the end of his French sabbatical, he picks his favourite quotes from Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz. Some serious zingers in there!
The crew are split 50/50 on the winner of that rematch.

Was Chael Sonnen the original McGregor? Vinny has a look back at some of Chael’s outrageous quips over the years.

After a bit of a lull, the beef with Team Alpha Male is back in full swing, with Urijah Faber’s wife-beater coming in for an unmerciful slagging.

The panel debate the new UFC rules, and wonder if soccer kicks to a downed opponent would bring anything good to the sport.

Poor Dominick Cruz’s downwards spiral since his knee injury draws some sympathy. Travis Barker won’t return his calls!

The UFC 202 card gets an extended preview, with some big fights like McGregor – Diaz 2, Rumble Johnson vs Glover Teixiera and Donald Cerrone vs Rick ‘The Horror’ Story.

Amir Khan is still talking up a possible MMA career. He must have missed last month’s Strange Wolves Podcast, suggesting that he just gives up on that pipe dream.

The letter from the Irish Martial Art’s Council to the Irish Olympic Committee is the subject of lively debate, with Vinny playing devil’s advocate.
This House opposes the motion that MMA is “Pornographic, sadistic and voyeuristic to its core”.

The Olympic Committee gets a bit of a savaging for their corruption. #NoOlympicsForMMA

This month’s extended discussion concerning taking advice in the gym, and whether or not it should be ignored.

That’s it for this month. If anyone has seen Tom Hogan, tell there’s a spot open for him again.
Either that, or Kevin Moran or Gary Mannion will have to make another appearance. Nobody wants that.


July Podcast


Gary ‘Won’t shut up about Batman’ Mannion from rival Galway gym Point Blank replaces the repeatedly absent (and mostly forgotten) Tom Hogan is the latest edition of the Strange Wolves podcast.

Chris Flynn’s top 3 concerns his choice of the UFC champions he thinks won’t hold on to their titles much longer. Some of those belts are slippery!

UFC 200 is reviewed, with universal agreement that the yellow mat was terrible. The main topic for analysis was the proliferation of steroids in the sport at the moment, with Brock “Jacked White Boy” Lesnar and Jon “Nutcase” Jones both popping recently.
Some speculation about which fighters, past and present, might have been on steroids will hopefully be ignored by Strange Wolves’ lawyers.

Real-life superhero Phoenix Jones fights his own brother, Carlos Fodor, at the upcoming World Series of Fighting event. His background is discussed by the panel.

Gary goes off on an extended segue about Batman. Safe to say he’s not getting invited back.

Vinny has been reading John Kavangh’s new book, ‘Win Or Learn’, and gives it a glowing review, despite having to buy his own copy.
What the hell John? You guys go way back.

The boys preview some of the big upcoming fights including Michael ‘Hands of Stone’ Bisping vs Dan ‘109 years old’ Henderson.
Some bold predictions about UFC 201’s headliner: Robbie Lawlor vs Tyrone Woodley are made.

Amir Khan’s “UFC training” gets ridiculed, and his chances of a fruitful MMA career come up for debate. Unsurprisingly, everyone’s skeptical.

Marcus and Vinny’s impromptu musical review of the episode is at very least partially successful.

There’s a competition coming up on Strange Wolves’ Twitter soon to win a copy of UFC 2 on Xbox. If you’re not already following for the lulz, get on it here:

This episode was brought to you by the (hopefully fictional) Donkey Dick Soap. “Just because you’re hung like a Donkey, doesn’t mean you have to smell like one”.


Tom Hogan Interview Podcast



Marcus Fields interviews a newly returned Tom Hogan in a mini episode of the podcast.

Tom has been off starting a political revolution in Spain, and finally return to settle some beefs started by other his short-term replacements Kevin ‘Sex Tornado’ Moran and John ‘The Baptist’ Burke.

He also gives his opinions on the upcoming UFC 200 card and defends some of his ‘controversial’ (frankly racist) views.


June Podcast


#ComeOnJonJones #DryYourEyesAriel #UFC200 #SelfFightification #AlotMoreFunThanBraille

Hot off the presses, the June edition of the Strange Wolves MMA podcast.

Since nobody is willing to pay the €7 ransom, Tom Hogan remains absent. In his place this month, John ‘The Baptist’ Burke, lead singer of the legendary Haemogloblins drops his scholarly knowledge and wise advice. Wear Sunscreen.

Not content to stick to their MMA remit, the gentlemen discuss a range of topics, including the leaving cert, the weather and Euro 2016.

Turning match-maker, Chris Flynn’s top 3 this month concerns his dream fights.

MMA podcast godfather Ariel Helwani from the MMA Hour receives very little sympathy for his lifetime (ok, one week) UFC ban from his journalistic compatriots. #DryYourEyesAriel
The hype for Helwani vs Dana White starts here!

John said nothing controversial about Denis O’Brien.

Brock Lesnar’s upcoming fight against Mark Hunt and John Cena come under the microscope. Nothing suspicious about ducking USADA, no sir.

Marcus ‘Swag’ Fields brags about his windfall betting on Michael Bisping. Vinny reads an epic poem in celebration of his victory.
Neither Bisping, nor podcast favourite Luke Rockhold, come out unscathed from a review of their post-fight press conference.

In a shorter than usual Jon Jones Watch, Marcus has a shocking rumour about Jon and Brocke Lesnar.

UFC 200 is previewed in depth, with some big fight on the card, including Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier 2, Lesnar vs Hunt, Edgar vs Aldo and Norcutt vs Crew Man number 5.

Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2 gets a mention for the 21st time, with some of the shine disappearing from the former golden boy McGregor.

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