Beginners Classes

MMA Beginners Classes starting up for 2014! Mondays at 6 in Creaven House and Thursday at 8 for first timers, all you need is pair of shorts/tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt and a gum shield is a good idea but not a necessary straight away.

Classes run at €5 per session, first class is free. Feel free to message us here with any questions, there is a viewing gallery if you just want to see what MMA training is all about first 🙂

We have developed an MMA curriculum that even after a relatively short time of training, can provide the athlete with a strong basic overview of the ‘MMA game’ as opposed to attempting to meshing other individual combat sports together, many which contradict each other.

For a more detailed explanation of our ethos…… click here

See you on the mat,

Vinny, Kevin and the rest of the pack 🙂