July Podcast


Gary ‘Won’t shut up about Batman’ Mannion from rival Galway gym Point Blank replaces the repeatedly absent (and mostly forgotten) Tom Hogan is the latest edition of the Strange Wolves podcast.

Chris Flynn’s top 3 concerns his choice of the UFC champions he thinks won’t hold on to their titles much longer. Some of those belts are slippery!

UFC 200 is reviewed, with universal agreement that the yellow mat was terrible. The main topic for analysis was the proliferation of steroids in the sport at the moment, with Brock “Jacked White Boy” Lesnar and Jon “Nutcase” Jones both popping recently.
Some speculation about which fighters, past and present, might have been on steroids will hopefully be ignored by Strange Wolves’ lawyers.

Real-life superhero Phoenix Jones fights his own brother, Carlos Fodor, at the upcoming World Series of Fighting event. His background is discussed by the panel.

Gary goes off on an extended segue about Batman. Safe to say he’s not getting invited back.

Vinny has been reading John Kavangh’s new book, ‘Win Or Learn’, and gives it a glowing review, despite having to buy his own copy.
What the hell John? You guys go way back.

The boys preview some of the big upcoming fights including Michael ‘Hands of Stone’ Bisping vs Dan ‘109 years old’ Henderson.
Some bold predictions about UFC 201’s headliner: Robbie Lawlor vs Tyrone Woodley are made.

Amir Khan’s “UFC training” gets ridiculed, and his chances of a fruitful MMA career come up for debate. Unsurprisingly, everyone’s skeptical.

Marcus and Vinny’s impromptu musical review of the episode is at very least partially successful.

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This episode was brought to you by the (hopefully fictional) Donkey Dick Soap. “Just because you’re hung like a Donkey, doesn’t mean you have to smell like one”.