June Podcast


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Hot off the presses, the June edition of the Strange Wolves MMA podcast.

Since nobody is willing to pay the €7 ransom, Tom Hogan remains absent. In his place this month, John ‘The Baptist’ Burke, lead singer of the legendary Haemogloblins drops his scholarly knowledge and wise advice. Wear Sunscreen.

Not content to stick to their MMA remit, the gentlemen discuss a range of topics, including the leaving cert, the weather and Euro 2016.

Turning match-maker, Chris Flynn’s top 3 this month concerns his dream fights.

MMA podcast godfather Ariel Helwani from the MMA Hour receives very little sympathy for his lifetime (ok, one week) UFC ban from his journalistic compatriots. #DryYourEyesAriel
The hype for Helwani vs Dana White starts here!

John said nothing controversial about Denis O’Brien.

Brock Lesnar’s upcoming fight against Mark Hunt and John Cena come under the microscope. Nothing suspicious about ducking USADA, no sir.

Marcus ‘Swag’ Fields brags about his windfall betting on Michael Bisping. Vinny reads an epic poem in celebration of his victory.
Neither Bisping, nor podcast favourite Luke Rockhold, come out unscathed from a review of their post-fight press conference.

In a shorter than usual Jon Jones Watch, Marcus has a shocking rumour about Jon and Brocke Lesnar.

UFC 200 is previewed in depth, with some big fight on the card, including Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier 2, Lesnar vs Hunt, Edgar vs Aldo and Norcutt vs Crew Man number 5.

Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2 gets a mention for the 21st time, with some of the shine disappearing from the former golden boy McGregor.

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