March 2017 podcast


It’s the Strange Wolves podcast #InternationWomensMonth special!

Vinny Connolly, Marcus Fields, John Burke and Tom Hogan get in touch with their feminine sides, reviewing martial arts ‘classic’ China O’Brien.
Well, three of them watched it, while John skipped it assuming it was a joke.
Make sure to tune in for the next episode, where the guys will review “The greatest movie ever”, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.

Hogan’s top 5 is unusually coherent this month, with Tom presenting his top 5 innovations in MMA.
I mean sure, some of them have been in MMA since the start, but at least he tried.

Vinny combines his love of French poetry and name-dropping, comparing MMA fighter Moise Rimbon to poet Arthur Rimbaud.
He even somehow also manages to mention that he listens to Italian rap.

John loses the rag with Khabib ‘The Eagle’ Nurmagomedov, who chose tiramisu over making weight.

Novice MMA in Ireland comes under the spotlight. What can be done to make it safer and more consistent?

In a slightly unusual twist, the topic of romance in the gym is debated. Is it always a bad idea?
Yeah, probably.
Vinny relays a tale of seduction from his past.

Which members of the podcast think you could beat Floyd Mayweather in an MMA match, and how would they do it?

In some actual MMA discussion, there’s a preview of UFC Fight Night London, including Gunner Nelson vs Alain Jouban and ‘Irish’ Joe Duffy vs Reza Medadi.
Brad Pickett bows out with his final fight on the same event.

UFC 210 also get the preview treatment, with Johnson vs Cormier the main event.

Vinny gives us, which I’m sure we call all agree is, a note-perfect Rickson Gracie impersonation.

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