May 25

May Podcast

SW Podcast

The boys welcome fighter, coach, referee and globe trotter Kevin ‘Sex Tornado’ Moran to the podcast to replace the mysteriously absent (and presumed kidnapped) Tom Hogan.
Kevin brings a wealth of experience, controversy* and sweat to the team.
It’s fair to say, Tom will have to up his game to win his spot back on the podcast.

Chris Flynn’s top five this month concerns the (gender-neutral) sexiest MMA fighters. No prizes for guessing the number one spot, avid listeners!

Marcus Fields attempts to start beef with fellow Sligo native JB Yeats, while defending the other son of the county, Kian Egan.

Vinny does some more name dropping from his time in Thailand.

With Jon Jones living a quiet life these day, ‘Jon Jones Watch’ recreates a classic confrontation, examining the origins of the conflict between Jones and fierce rival Daniel Cormier.

Kevin makes some accusations about BJ Penn, Georges Saint Pierre, and anyone else he can think of.

Paige Van Zandt’s Dancing With The Stars performances are analysed by the experts.

Michael Bisping comes in for some harsh criticism for his acting skills, his knock-out power (or lack of it) before his upcoming title shot again Luke Rockhold.

The rumours of a massive boxing vs MMA superfight between Conor McGregor vs Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather are discussed.

Kevin tells the tale of his travels to train with some of the world’s best in New York, and savages CM Punk’s prospects of a UFC debut.

In Irish MMA news, the Irish Amateur Pankration association, which may become the governing body of Irish MMA comes up for debate.

*Please note, Kevin Moran’s opinions are his own and in no way reflect the general opinions of the Strange Wolves podcast.