November Podcast

In the November edition of the Strange Wolves podcast, Vinny, Marcus, John and Tom tackle the biggest issues of the day in MMA.

Under 18s, go away, go away now. Your delicate minds will be corrupted immediately.

Kicking off with ‘Hogan’s Top Five’, Tom pays tribute to Yoel ‘Soldier of God’ Romero and his ridiculous antics.

In an increasingly common segment, Vinny teaches the lessons of history, equating the struggles of Spartacus to the fledgling MMA Fighters Union.
Lets hope GSP doesn’t end up crucified on the Appian Way.

The conundrum of Frankie Edgar comes up. Too good to be gatekeeper, not good enough for the belt. What’s left for him?

UFC 206 gets broken down in detail, with standouts like Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson vs Tyrone Woodley, Yoel Romero vs Chris Weidmann and Conor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez taking the spotlight.

Many questions remain from that show. Will Thompson get an immediate rematch against Woodley?
Is there anyone in the lightweight division who can beat McGregor?
How about welterweight? Anyone there?
Can he be stopped in any sport, or is he all-powerful now?
Will he weep when he sees the breadth of his domain, for there are no more worlds of conquer?

Rizin brings back the Pride-style freakshow match with Gabi ‘111 kg’ Garcia fighting someone half her size.

The guys trying to restart their beef with Team Alpha Male.
Now that Urijah Faber has retired, surely he’s got nothing better to do than have an online feud with a small MMA podcast from the West of Ireland?

Does anyone care about Tito ‘TRT’ Ortiz vs Chael Sonnen? Probably not, but it’s talked about anyway.

This month’s ‘classic’ movie under review is ‘American Ninja’.
Former podcast regular Chris Flynn writes an emotional letter from Paris to add his opinion.
How many Bloodsports out of five will it score?