One Year Anniversary Podcast


Where has the time gone? It’s been one year since the Strange Wolves entered the podcast studio for the first time, raw and naive, before the fires of podcasting forged them into the steely veterans they have now become.

In this one year anniversary special, Vinny Connolly, Marcus Fields, #ChrisFlynn and regular contributor John ‘The Baptist’ Burke tackle the latest news from the world of MMA.

The UFC XBox game is still up for grabs over at . Get on it.

In Chris’ last top five until the end of his French sabbatical, he picks his favourite quotes from Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz. Some serious zingers in there!
The crew are split 50/50 on the winner of that rematch.

Was Chael Sonnen the original McGregor? Vinny has a look back at some of Chael’s outrageous quips over the years.

After a bit of a lull, the beef with Team Alpha Male is back in full swing, with Urijah Faber’s wife-beater coming in for an unmerciful slagging.

The panel debate the new UFC rules, and wonder if soccer kicks to a downed opponent would bring anything good to the sport.

Poor Dominick Cruz’s downwards spiral since his knee injury draws some sympathy. Travis Barker won’t return his calls!

The UFC 202 card gets an extended preview, with some big fights like McGregor – Diaz 2, Rumble Johnson vs Glover Teixiera and Donald Cerrone vs Rick ‘The Horror’ Story.

Amir Khan is still talking up a possible MMA career. He must have missed last month’s Strange Wolves Podcast, suggesting that he just gives up on that pipe dream.

The letter from the Irish Martial Art’s Council to the Irish Olympic Committee is the subject of lively debate, with Vinny playing devil’s advocate.
This House opposes the motion that MMA is “Pornographic, sadistic and voyeuristic to its core”.

The Olympic Committee gets a bit of a savaging for their corruption. #NoOlympicsForMMA

This month’s extended discussion concerning taking advice in the gym, and whether or not it should be ignored.

That’s it for this month. If anyone has seen Tom Hogan, tell there’s a spot open for him again.
Either that, or Kevin Moran or Gary Mannion will have to make another appearance. Nobody wants that.