Episode 2 of the podcast is here

Episode 2 of the Strange Wolves podcast. Get it while it’s hot.

Vinny, Marcus and Tom discuss Hulk Hogan, Excusimar Palhares, and there’s a new contender for the most attractive man in MMA.

Listen to the podcast here


The Podcast Is Here

The inaugural Strange Wolves podcast featuring Vinny, Marcus and Tom discussing UFC 189, Gaybraham Lincoln and the attractiveness of Luke Rockhold

Listen to the podcast here


Old Skool

Here’s a blast from the past.
Vinny competing at King of the Mat back in 2004:

New Beginners Course Sept 2014

Free trial Monday 29th September and Thursday 2nd October. Numbers are strictly limited. PM us here, email: kevair2000@gmail.com for details. Keep an eye on this page or our Facebook page for further announcements.

We are going to strictly limit the numbers on this particular intake of students so an optimal ratio of coach to athlete can be achieved.

Don’t miss out!

Beginners Classes

MMA Beginners Classes starting up for 2014! Mondays at 6 in Creaven House and Thursday at 8 for first timers, all you need is pair of shorts/tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt and a gum shield is a good idea but not a necessary straight away.

Classes run at €5 per session, first class is free. Feel free to message us here with any questions, there is a viewing gallery if you just want to see what MMA training is all about first 🙂

We have developed an MMA curriculum that even after a relatively short time of training, can provide the athlete with a strong basic overview of the ‘MMA game’ as opposed to attempting to meshing other individual combat sports together, many which contradict each other.

For a more detailed explanation of our ethos…… click here

See you on the mat,

Vinny, Kevin and the rest of the pack 🙂


Club Cowls


Still a few Strange Wolves club cowls available.
Contact Kevin for details.


Welcome to the new Strange Wolves website



It was about time the website had a bit of attention paid to it.
The site has been given a lick of paint and some new features, including widespread Facebook integration.

Take a look around, make yourself at home.

There may be a few more feature added in the next week or two.

Any feedback greatly appreciated.