[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”] Strange Wolves Self Defence is a combination of No-gi Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Wrestling and Striking[/pullquote]

Strange Wolves MMA is proud to present its new stand-up, clinch and ground curriculum. Strange Wolves Self Defence is a combination of No-gi Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Wrestling and Striking. We emphasise the elements from these disciplines that translate most efficiently to MMA/self defence.

Certain techniques that are very effective in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for example, may not work when striking is thrown into the mix. Indeed, certain boxing techniques are excellent in a boxing match but will not work against a wrestler.

Over 15 years training at BJJ/Wrestling/Judo/Boxing and Thai- boxing our head coach has developed a program of study and ranking system that will encourage athletes to develop the MMA skills that are applicable to actual fighting. We also steer clear of techniques that are not easy for the average athlete to apply.

The order in which these skills should build upon each other is also carefully considered. So for example there is no point in learning a three punch combination unless you have spent months making your jab effective in a live MMA situation. A BJJ exponent learning a flying triangle before they have the fundamentals of staying safe in and escaping from bottom guard (against a resisting opponent) is putting the proverbial cart before the horse.

So our curriculum is based on showing beginners sound fundamental principles and their moving up the ranks as they improve on these. Our athletes also learn to strategise as they gain more experience:
“Too often, martial artists obsess over the accumulation of techniques without ever attaining an overall strategy to guide how these techniques are applied in the course of a fight.”
Mastering Jujitsu Pg. 48 (Danaher and Gracie)

All strategies are open to our students as we cover all ranges that can occur in an MMA match, or indeed- a fight. Thus, if for example our students need to take their opponent down to prevail they will have trained that. Or indeed, if they need to get back up to their feet to prevail they will have trained that too.

Bronze Wolf

Striking- Uses lead hand to Jab, hook and upper cut when the opportunity arises. Can parry with both hands. Steps away from opponent’s power-hand while creeping the feet wide. Can execute the ultra low kick. Can strike or parry to the clinch.
Wrestling- Can sprawl. One solid takedown from the clinch. Has an overview of all dominant positions in the clinch and how to execute an early escape from these positions when under pressure. Can keep their spine in line for one double-leg and one single-leg takedown.
Ground- Has an overview of the ground game. Is allowed practice heel hooks in the gym on experienced training partners

Silver Wolf

Could defend themselves in a semi-pro MMA fight.
Striking- The timing has improved on the Bronze Wolf requirements but can now wait for the right moment to bring in the power hand. Can creep the feet wide while parrying and striking. Can stalk his or her opponent against the cage. Can swing kicks and knees powerfully from the hips (muscles relaxed).
Wrestling – Has improved on the Bronze Wolf requirements and now has two double and two single leg takedowns with correct posture. Two solid takedowns from the clinch. Can work his or her favourite techniques against the cage with dirty boxing.
Ground- Has a working understanding of the fundamentals.

Gold Wolf

Could defend themselves in a Pro MMA fight
Striking- Has improved on the Silver Wolf requirements and can fulfil the beginners striking criteria off the other side (an orthodox fighter can throw lead hand punches from southpaw and vice-versa).
Wrestling- Can flow or chain one wrestling attack after another together against or out from the cage.
Ground- Is rolling at a no-gi BJJ blue belt level

Black belt

Has won a Pro MMA Match and come through our Syllabus