Podcast Christmas Special 2016

It’s the Strange Wolves podcast Christmas special!

As always, if you are under 18, go away. If you don’t, Santa won’t come next year.

In this festive outing, Vinny, Tom, Marcus and John are joined by um, the guy who uploads the podcasts, Barry Commins.

‘Hogan’s Top 3′ is a Joycean stream of nonsense. Something to do with commentators’ shortcomings? Who knows?

The movie review this month is another JCVD film, The Quest.

In a major news scoop, Vinny reveals that Kabib’s dad told him that Conor McGregor will fight Tyrone Woodley next.

The two recent shows, UFC 206 and Fight Night 22 are up for review, with podcast favourite Paige Van Zant suffering a defeat to Michelle ‘The Karate Hottie’ Watterson.
Max ‘Blessed’ Holloway vs Anthony Pettis lost some of its lustre due to ‘Showtime’ failing to make weight.
Donald Cerrone vs Matt Brown gets general approval.
John’s personal beef with Nage Shortcutt means he was happy to see him finished by Mickey Gall.

The UFC’s end of year show, UFC 207, is fast approaching and gets the full preview treatment here.
Will Ronda Rousey return as her old dominant self, or will her big knockout and long absence allow Nunez to blow through her?
Dominant champion Dominick Cruz fights Cody Garbrandt in the co-main event.
Will ‘No Love’ have the tools to dethrone the champ?

American Kickboxing Academy derails another show, and John questions their training techniques.
Are the full armour sparring rounds really necessary?

In the early 2017 preview, the question is posed again: Does anyone care about Tito Ortiz vs Chael Sonnen?
Also, BJ Penn’s continuing existence matter?

Jon Jones Watch returns with a new jingle, which triggers an extended discussion on the wide variety of types of metal music (again!).
As for Jones, are his brags really an admission of a medical problem?
More importantly, what sort of music does he like?

Marcus entertains with an MMA themed rendition of ‘The 12 days of Christmas’.

Signing off, the guys give their MMA predictions for 2017, and Vinny shares an intimate story about Joe Dolan.

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