September Podcast


Tom’s back!
September’s episode of the Strange Wolves podcast sees the return of Travellin’ Tom Hogan after a long absence.

Marcus Field’s musical intro neatly sums up the entire show, so really there’s no need to listen past the first 5 minutes.

Tom steps into Chris’ shoes and takes over the Top 5. Hogan’s inaugural top 5 concerns moves that should be legal in the UFC.
Headbutts, sure, but grabbing the cage is bullshit, Tom!
Vinny recalls an epic fight from the early years of Irish MMA, between Rodney Moore and Emmet McNally, despite not being able to remember either man’s name.

The big show this month has UFC 203, so naturally it forms the basis for lots of discussion.
CM Punk’s inauspicious debut (and probably last fight) get the abuse it deserves, with the boys not mincing their words about his lack of fighting ability.
“Wank of the highest order” and “A disgrace” according to John Burke.
Mickey Gall earns some new fans though, the potty mouth.

Fabricio Werdum vs Travis Browne (and his coach) gets some better reviews. Don’t every change Fabricio, you utter lunatic.

Stipe Miocic holds on to the title, and Marcus honours him with a spot on impersonation. Spooky.
Vinny has some harsh truths for Allistar Overeem and his team of ‘apple polishers’.

Jon Jones gets his obligatory mention, with Marcus calling him “a slippery gypsy”.
Jon’s looking for a shot at the heavyweight title, despite not having earned it.

In a first for the podcast, the classic Jean Claude Van Damme movie ‘Bloodsport’ is reviewed, a mere 28 years too late.

John and Vinny recall a recent amateur MMA competition in Cork, with two thumbs up from the boys.
They have some advise for some advice for the young competitors out there.
There’s no shame in tapping folks.